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How much storage do you need for your item/s?

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At European Storage Folkestone, we know that cleanliness is a high priority when you consider who to store your things with. We therefore have a dedicated team of experts who will guarantee a clean, safe environment for your belongings.

3 cubic metres may be a small amount of space, however you’d be surprised at how many miscellaneous items can be stored with this space. Whether it’s loose garden tools, seasonal items or office supplies. If you only require a small amount of items stored, this option is for you.

Not sure if 3m3 will be enough? A 5m3 storage option could be necessary. For example, if your boxes are 50 centimetres deep, 50 centimetres tall and 50 centimetres wide, you could store up to 40 boxes in a 5m³ space! Depending on your desired level of hoarding, that’s certainly plenty of boxes to declutter a room.

Many customers choose to opt for the 10 cubic metre option. With this amount of space, you can easily store an entire rooms worth of things – sometimes more! This option is indeed perfect for sofas, tables and cabinets as well as a number of boxes. As a matter of fact, if you need to store an entire room, consider a 10m3 unit.

If you require more than 10m3, that’s absolutely fine! .

Highlights of the European Storage Services

  • Digital Goods Store your digital goods like tv, cabinets, monitors, printers etc.
  • Delivery We’ll deliver to your forwarding address with a service you can set your watch by!
  • Home Storage Store easlily all your home needs products and small home appliances.
  • Glass Storage Your kitchenware is safe with us.
  • Price Matches Let us know if you’d like us to match a previous quote. We have affordable price ranges according to your requirements at our Folkestone Storage Depot.
  • Secure Units Keep your important documents in one of our safe and secure units at Folkestone Storage. Our facility is an access controlled site, for your peace of mind.
  • Collection No transport? No problem! We can collect your items for you, ready to be stored at our Folkestone Storage Depot!
  • Carton Storage Store all your small and big carton boxes and rest assured they’ll be free from termite and critters in our Folkestone Storage Depot!